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·         HTML Tutorial

o              Lesson-1 (Introduction to HTML)

o              Lesson-2 (Head and Body Sections)

o              Lesson-3 (Designing the Body Section)

o              Lesson-4 (Ordered and Unordered Lists)

o              Lesson-5 (Tables in HTML)

o              Lesson-6 (DHTML and Stylesheets)

o              Lesson-7 (Frames)

o              Lesson-8 (A Web page Design Project)

o              Lesson-9 (Forms)

·         CSS Tutorial

o              Lesson-1 (Introduction to CSS)

o              Lesson-2 (Using the Style Attribute)

o              Lesson-3 (Declaring Styles in Head Section)

o              Lesson-4 (Using classes to Declare styles)

o              Lesson-5 (Using External Stylesheet)

o              Lesson-6 (The Box Properties)

o              Lesson-7 (Using Positioning Properties)

o              Lesson-8 (The Text Properties)

o              Lesson-9 (Using the Font Properties)

o              Lesson-10 (Background and Color Properties)

o              Lesson-11 (Cursor Properties)

o              Lesson-12 (More on Backgrounds)

o              Lesson-13 (More on Backgrounds-2)

·         Javascript Tutorial

o              Lesson-1 (Javascript Introduction)

o              Lesson-2 (Mouseover)

o              Lesson-3 (Using Buttons)

o              Lesson-4 (History Buttons)

o              Lesson-5 (Javascript Alerts)

o              Lesson-6 (Variables and Functions)

o              Lesson-7 (Logical Operators and Conditions)

o              Lesson-8 (Javascript Prompts)

o              Lesson-9 (Javascript Passwords)

o              Lesson-10 (Password Protection-2)

o              Lesson-11 (Confirmation Boxes)

o              Lesson-12 (Browser Detection with Javascript)

o              Lesson-13 (Redirection with Javascript)

o              Lesson-14 (New Windows with Javascript)

o              Lesson-15 (Using Link Tags with Javascript)

·         VBScript Tutorial

o              Lesson-1 (Introduction to VBScript)

o              Lesson-2 (SCRIPT tag and VBScript)

o              Lesson-3 (VBScript Data Types)

o              Lesson-4 (Constants in VBScript)

o              Lesson-5 (VBScript Operators)

o              Lesson-6 (VBScript Procedures)

o              Lesson-7 (Conditional Statements)

o              Lesson-8 (Using Loops to Repeat Code)